Hi, my name is Dante. I made Give Me Motion as a way of combatting complacency within my life. My latest album, Extra Ordinary, is about celebrating the exceptionalism of existence. I’m happy you’re into this stuff and here to rejoice in the sunlight with me.

This album is the most punk rock I’ll ever be while keeping with my generally joyous sound. This was achieved largely with the talents of Jeremy Hatcher and other Los Angeles musicians. The lyrics encompass the last seven years of my life: moving out west, cherishing friendships, working, worrying, and the continuously rotating perspectives of “how lucky the sunlight will find the moon” and making the same mistakes “for no one else.”

Give Me Motion started back in 2009 when I was sitting/living/languishing on my sister’s couch in West Hollywood. I made the mythical American decision to travel west from Connecticut to California in search of opportunity. At first opportunity and I kept on missing each other, but I was determined to make some for myself so I invoked the words “give me motion” and began recording and performing as much as I could (also the lyrics to one of my favorite songs “Goodbye Stranger” by Super Tramp). Fast forward through releasing my first self-recorded EP “Empty Rooms”, frequenting open mics, moving in and out of unsavory living situations, connecting with Nice Peter, making Youtube videos, finding people who care, going on tours, writing for Epic Rap Battles of History, going on more tours, finding more people who care, drumming on tour for Dodie, Tessa Violet, and Rusty Clanton, finding even more people who care and now we’re here; on a fantastic looking website. (Thanks, Cougarbait!)

There’s a plethora of video and music from this time located on my YouTube, some of which is currently in digital stores. Dig in.

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